Looking for inspiration of how to spend your free time in 十大网赌正规网址, Walsall, and Telford? 看看.

充分利用十大网赌正规网址每一个校园和周围提供的东西. It doesn’t matter where your lectures take place – you can enjoy food in Walsall, 演出在十大网赌正规网址, 在特尔福德购物, 一年到头都.

Here are some of our top recommendations for ways you can spend your days and evenings you’re not studying!



十大网赌正规网址, Telford, and Walsall are so filled with places to enjoy a bite to eat that you’re sure to find your perfect snack or meal, 不管你在找什么.

Many restaurants and food outlets were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns – though others thrived by offering take-away options. Check each venue’s website or social media, or give them a call to ensure they’re open.




There are so many options to choose from, in and around 十大网赌正规网址 city centre. 无论是独立的美食家发现 Café Maxsim or Zuri; your fast-food or pub-grub favourites; or street-food options stands at the market, 你会找到适合各种口味(和预算)的衣服.

For Middle Eastern deliciousness at a fair price, look no further than Nutmeg 对农民的褶皱 (Waterstones旁边的小巷). Friendly, feel-good, and filling, it’s great for veggies and vegans too. 别忘了看看他们的特色菜板!

如果你要去或从汽车站或火车站出发, 满足你对印度街头小吃的渴望 Zuri Coffee 利奇菲尔德街.

有很多选择,不管你的胃口是什么 Café Maxsim 达灵顿街. With meal deals for under a fiver and BOGOF tea/coffee from 11am-12pm, 这是一个很受欢迎的休息场所.

Being on a budget shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t splash out once in a while, and you needn’t go far. 为了一顿丰盛的晚餐, The Bilash and 汉密尔顿一家餐厅 are within walking distance from campus, while a short drive away, there are options such as The Cowshed, Fiume, and Miller & Carter.



你可以在十大网赌正规网址的校园餐饮店里对抗你的饿怒情绪. 但如果你想换个环境, head to the Waterfront and you’ll find you can grab a bite to eat at restaurants such as 啤酒Fayre, 披萨快递, 意大利贝拉, 饥饿的马 and TGI Fridays,或者有学生最喜欢的 Frankie & Benny’s  and Nando’s 在码头购物公园. 别忘了你的学生折扣!

另外, 如果你正在寻找一些酒吧食物或想成为智力竞赛冠军, 从沃尔索尔校区步行15分钟即可到达 The Bell Ember客栈的酒吧.



There are loads of your favourite names in town, especially at the Southwater complex, including: TGI Fridays, 披萨快递, Nando’s, Subway and Miller & Carter. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s walking distance, you could try The Lion 在希弗尔路上享受当地的酒吧氛围和美食, drink and regular entertainment; a great example of the quintessentially English institution of the classic pub. 另外, 的Priorslee offers student-friendly fare like Wing Wednesdays and traditional Sunday roasts, 还有电视直播的体育节目, 一个台球桌, 还有免费的Wi-Fi让你娱乐.

Here at the 澳门十大正规平台网站, we’re surrounded by the arts on all sides. Whether you’re a dedicated culture vulture or looking to dip your toes for the first time, you can find everything you need within walking distance or a bus ride from the campus. 


你需要从学习中休息一下? 把你的眼睛放在 十大网赌正规网址艺术画廊(或在他们的café上享用美味). 十大网赌正规网址自己 竞技场剧院 offers a great range of entertainment – as well as generous student discounts – that will often cost less than you think. 或者前往标志性的丘伯锁大厦 Light House电影院、画廊、语言咖啡馆等等.



你需要从学习中休息一下? 为什么不去探访一下黑之乡呢 沃尔萨尔皮革博物馆? Or for something even more niche, explore a local industry of the past at the 锁匠的房子 这是开放的 特别活动, including 遗产开放日.

另外,访问 沃尔索尔新艺术画廊 你的眼睛能看到的地方 作品的艺术家 包括康斯特布尔、德加、马蒂斯、莫奈、毕加索和梵高.



十大网赌正规网址一提到特尔福德就不能不提到 Ironbridge峡谷博物馆. 有十个不同的景点,从 插孔板砖博物馆, to 布里斯特山维多利亚镇, an annual pass should keep you busy all year – and with the online student price of £15.65, we think that’s not a bad amount of entertainment for the price of a few Starbucks coffees!
或者,一些当地的传统(有著名的蛋糕!),为什么不去参观呢 Sunnycroft, or Benthall大厅 附近的国民信托财产?

Your time at the 澳门十大正规平台网站 offers you the opportunity to relish the stunning Midlands countryside and parks, 在一年中的任何时候,哪些地方都以美丽著称. Wherever you’re staying and studying, you’ll always be close to an area of natural beauty.


十大网赌正规网址的标志性维多利亚奇迹, West Park, won a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for five years running – and with good reason. Only 从学校走一小段路, 它提供了伟大的公园所做的一切, 有放松的空间, play sport, 和孩子们玩得开心吗, 喂鸭子. 如果你时间紧张,为什么不跳进来 十大网赌正规网址的档案花园莫利诺体育场旁边的一颗隐藏的宝石? Or take a walk from City Campus to 斯普林菲尔德学校 along the canal for a different perspective.



Malvern may have its Hills, Telford may have its Wrekin, but Walsall has the Barr Beacon所以,出去呼吸新鲜空气,欣赏美丽的风景吧! 即使天气不是那么晴朗, 到户外活动活动你的腿对你有好处, your health, 而你的研究世界的好. 你也可以去附近 Palfrey Park 或者看看那些华丽的颜色 沃尔萨尔植物园. 如果你是一个自然爱好者,那就去 公园石灰坑 Local Nature Reserve – you never know what you might see and can get involved in, 因为他们经常举办蝙蝠行走和觅食路线等活动.


Lights! Camera! Action!

为什么不叫上你的朋友一起去呢 Buildwas修道院 or 文洛克修道院 to see who can take the best photo or shoot the best video in the ruins? Whether you channel your GOT vibes or your inner Kate Bush, it’ll be sure to be atmospheric.


If you're someone who loves the great outdoors, then Telford delivers plenty to keep you entertained. With half a dozen parks offering everything from woodland to canal walks, you'll also find remnants of the region's industrial heritage interwoven in the landscape. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your wanderlust, get your boots on and 探索什罗普希尔山 – a listed 自然风光出众,其中包括标志性的 Wrekin.

The Wrekin 方圆几英里内都能清楚地看到一座山吗 步行者的欢迎. Legend has it the Wrekin was created when a tired giant called Cawr dropped a shovel of earth on the way to Shrewsbury. If you’re after something less strenuous (though possibly not so good for your waistline) you can feast upon the locally-made Wrekin白奶酪. Though you may need to run “round the Wrekin” to burn off the calories! This local phrase means taking the long route, or not getting to the point.

Finding ways to unwind and cut loose while you’re study is essential. There are few better ways to reduce stress than going to a show to laugh or be entertained for a few hours, so here are some of the countless options you’ll have while studying at the 澳门十大正规平台网站.



如果你厌倦了流媒体,或者感觉Netflix的消极,那就去吧 Cineworld at 宾利桥 零售公园,所有的大银幕动作或十大网赌正规网址 Light House 电影院,这两家都有学生价格. 那里也是国家大剧院的好去处, 皇家莎士比亚公司, 歌剧和芭蕾舞的放映. 更接近十大网赌正规网址的家园,十大网赌正规网址自己的家园 竞技场剧院 offers cinema screenings of new movie hits, as well as seasoned classics like Elf or The Matrix.

如果现场音乐和娱乐是你所渴望的, 斯莱德的房间 venue has played host to countless incredible bands over the decades including Nirvana, 丑陋的孩子乔, 还有其他各种经典的表演.


工作、学习、生活……它们都会让十大网赌正规网址需要欢笑. So if your commitments are leaving you in need of relief, check out who’s on stage at: 无论是本地喜剧之夜, 或是像德西蕾·伯奇或《十大网赌正规网址》这样的新星, 你会引起一两个微笑. 另外, find the funny with big-name shows at 十大网赌正规网址’s 大剧院, where you can also fill up on a satisfying mix of travelling shows including drama, ballet, music, comedy, 歌剧和更多.



There’s nothing quite like seeing your favourite films on the big screen. So when you’re feeling terrestrial tedium, streaming sadness, or Netflix negativity, head to 展示电影 宾利磨坊路还是 光看电影 在海滨. 不要忘记 你的学生折扣 (或者你的猫鼬在周二和周三), 或者如果你很幸运,早上有空的话, 你只需花5英镑就可以看一场演出.星期一至星期五中午前于圣光厅举行! We think that’s a pretty good way of catching up on the latest blockbusters at a knock-down price.


从超级摔跤到邦乔维体验, as well as touring theatre and the latest laughs from popular acts like Ross Noble and Josh Widdicombe at The Place.


If concentrating on your studies leaves you in need of a good laugh, why not head to the 森林艺术中心? 距学校车程仅15分钟, you needn’t break the bank for a taxi and night of entertainment from comedians including the likes of Ed Byrne and Milton Jones.

如果你无法抗拒一场致敬表演, 喜欢盛装打扮, or perhaps like to hear from some inspiring names from the sporting world like Graeme Souness or Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, 去 沃尔索尔足球俱乐部 来体验一下各种各样的娱乐活动.



你在特尔福德有很多选择如果你需要电影修复. Head to Cineworld at Southwater for all the big screen action and for money off with 你的学生折扣. 另外, Odeon 市中心有10个屏幕, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to get to a screening during one of their less busy times, 你可以买到他们的超级优惠票! Or, if you prefer the more intimate setting of independent cinemas, head to the 惠灵顿轨道 为了一些电影魔术.

如果你喜欢喜剧或现场表演, 这个地方因 theatre offers non-stop fun, music, and entertainment throughout the year.

如果你一直想跑步的话, 或者签了5000元的沙发, 那么你当地的公园就是一个很好的开始. Parkrun 周六上午9点在全国范围内,前往 十大网赌正规网址西公园, 沃尔萨尔植物园, or 因城市公园,并加入其中.

Many swimming pools and leisure facilities were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic or lockdown. 查看场馆的网站或打电话给他们,确保他们是开放的.


Get wet!

If you want to dip your toe, or explore local exercise options, check out the council’s WV Active site for swimming pools, classes and sport facilities in and around 十大网赌正规网址. Or, make use of your student membership and hop on the campus bus to use the facilities at 沃尔萨尔校园 – open early ‘til late on selected days.

如果你更喜欢在水上而不是在水里, why not head to West Park in the summer and hire a boat to splash around on the boating lake?

On campus

Head to the 体育中心 to get the low-down on all the facilities and classes available to you: whether you’re a serious athlete, 喜欢竞争, 或者只是想偶尔去看看. 带上你的朋友一起玩,然后去 Sports Zone 洛马斯街会堂:上午10时至晚上9时开放, its floodlights won’t let sundown interrupt your fun: simply swipe in and go!

Grab a seat

你不会错过大人物的 队球场 when you’re on City Campus, and you can sometimes get tickets to see 沃尔夫汉普顿流浪者足球俱乐部 在看台上,价钱很便宜. But you’ll find something to get your pulse racing in 十大网赌正规网址 whoever you are, 无论是 horse (或灰狗)比赛, speedway,或者为什么不尝试自己的手攀登或洞穴 狼山?

另外, head to Monmore Green for a night of thrilling greyhound racing. 你可以用派对包来增加乐趣, 或参加他们的致敬之夜或圣诞派对.

If watching someone ride a bike with a 500cc single cylinder engine with acceleration to match Formula 1 race cars, 没有刹车, 在你看来,这是一个美好的夜晚吗, 然后去 十大网赌正规网址高速公路. 无论是主场还是客场,都是激动人心的比赛!

如果你没看过比赛的话, then you’ve got one of Britain’s busiest racecourses on the doorstep right here at Dunstall公园. 大看台门票价格低廉, 还有各种各样的音乐会和特别活动, 这和晚上看Netflix有点不同, isn’t it?



There are several council-run swimming pools in and around Walsall, including Oak Park, Bloxwich and Darlaston 中心,以及 嘉里游泳健身中心.


如果你更喜欢户外运动, 或者是铁人三项的训练, it’s only half an hour from our 沃尔萨尔校园 to outdoor swimming at 内瑟顿公开水域游泳. 米德兰公开水域游泳中心 和邻近的西米德兰兹开阔水域游泳 悬崖湖水上公园 是否触手可及.

离家更近的地方有 斯尼德水上活动中心那里提供独木舟、皮划艇、帆船等活动. 除了其他设施, 奥尔德里奇机场户外中心 also has a lake – so what’s keeping you from getting that wetsuit on?

On campus

You’ll be well catered for at our 沃尔萨尔校园 with our inspiring selection of 体育和身体健康课程 supported by the latest facilities and equipment, not to mention inspiring and informed staff. From our 3G pitch to the 柔道卓越中心十大网赌正规网址已经做好了所有的准备. 或者如果你喜欢更有挑战性的东西, 你可以试试航海, 滑浪风帆和划独木舟 沃尔萨尔户外活动.


What better way to spend your weekend than supporting your local team or rediscovering the love of playing sport? 你是否在为之欢呼 Walsall FC, 沃尔萨尔橄榄球俱乐部 or 威伦霍尔流浪者 当你成为无挡板篮球队员时,你会立刻发现你属于一个新的家庭.



如果你可以跳上公共汽车或汽车,有几个 提供游泳池 驱车不远: 亚伯拉罕·达比运动休闲中心; Newport Swimming Pool; Oakengates Leisure Centre; and Wellington Civic and Leisure Centre. 或者,如果你喜欢户外游泳,为什么不试试呢 Albrighton & 区游泳俱乐部 户外游泳池? Experience the bracing vigour of their outdoor swimming pool for only £3.会员日费为50英镑,或29英镑.一年50个. Brrrrrilliant.

我一直梦想着在海浪上生活? 为什么不试一试航海呢? At 因帆船俱乐部在美国,你只需花55英镑就可以成为学生会员. You don’t need your own boat and there are various taster days and training courses available.

攀爬、游泳、滑冰、飞行和弹跳! 你喜欢做什么就做什么, you’ll find there’s something in the area to keep your adrenaline flowing.


为什么不尝试自己的手在攀登或洞穴 狼山? 或者去拍几张照片 双双射靶场? 或者去玩卡丁车或者激光枪战 阿尔瓦卡丁车及激光中心?



是时候来个“数码排毒”了吗? 有时候十大网赌正规网址都需要逃避, 如果你喜欢廉价露营的话, 为什么不找个地方搭几天帐篷呢? 你可能会发现新鲜的空气会给你一个全新的视角. And you needn’t go far, for instance, you can rest your gaze over the calm waters at Cliff Lakes 只有半小时的路程. 所以召集你的新伙伴, 拿一包棉花糖去烧烤, 重新发现对话和星座的魔力.


而你可以在校园里四处转转, Telford offers an intriguing variety of alternative ways to get a bit of exercise, keep fit, 和玩得开心. 完美的你 在冰上跳舞 moves at 在因溜冰场在那里你还可以看到冰球队, 在因老虎. 温习你的斜坡技巧,无论天气如何 特尔福德滑雪板和滑雪中心如果你想进行全身锻炼,那就召集你的伙伴一起试试吧 AIREA51’s 蹦床和攻击课程.


If you're an aerial acrobat or a budding Batman, why not have a go on the 空中绳索课程 at SkyReach 因城市公园? (四月至十一月开放). 作为特尔福德50周年庆典的一部分, the high ropes section was reopened – so grab your mates and see who will brave the high walks! Just don’t look down… And if that’s not enough of an adrenaline rush, why not head for the dry slopes or 滑冰场?

如果你的情绪需要膨胀, 在因气球嘉年华 at the Town Park Arena, QEII, in May each year is an aerial spectacle worth checking out. 另外, you can explore the history of the Royal Air Force (and see the amazing planes) at RAF Cosford:每天开放,免费参观!


如果你想逃离你的同学, 为什么不拿起鱼竿,前往其中一个 钓鱼池 在该地区有一个钓鱼的好去处? 没人能保证你会抓到什么, but this leisurely pastime may give you the space for inspiration to flourish.


如果你想尝试不同的东西, Telford and the surrounding area have some wonderful experiences that will keep your calls home interesting. 无论你跳上火车头 因蒸汽铁路,喂动物 Hoo农场动物王国,或者装扮成你最喜欢的角色,然后前往 Comic Con 在国际中心,你甚至可能在那里遇到一些明星!

Bag some bargains in the many shopping centres and markets of 十大网赌正规网址, Walsall, and Telford. You’ll find all you need for your weekly shopping as well as great spots for browsing clothes, eating out, 去看最新的电影.



不仅仅是一个美食之城,还有很多可以做的事情, 十大网赌正规网址有很多购物的好去处. 他们之间, 曼德购物中心 and the Wulfrun购物中心 你有一天浏览和购买所需的所有东西吗. 漫步穿过 十大网赌正规网址市市场 with its range of tastebud-tingling ingredients, and snap up a snack for a snip. 宾利桥零售公园 is also worth your time – especially when you’ll get a student discount at the eateries and cinema.



如果你需要购物疗法,去沃尔索尔吧 马具购物中心 is full of tasty places to snack and shops for both browsing and picking up the essentials. 也有一个市场浏览和优秀 皇冠码头购物公园在那里,你会发现很多知名的商店. It’s also just across the road from the Waterfront where you can rest in some of Walsall’s best restaurants and bars, plus the 光看电影.



如果你最喜欢逛商场,那就去吧 德福购物中心 -它的25英亩应该让你的计步器滴答作响. 或者你会发现顶级的名字像TK Maxx, Next和Gap 因伪造. 然后还有整个 Southwater一 复杂,让你娱乐. 逛了一天的商店之后,在一家商店里休息一下 它的餐厅,或者把你的脚翘起来,在 Imax cinema. 你甚至可以挤出时间来看看十大网赌正规网址的 大学中心因 对你未来的教育有所启发.