欢迎来到澳门十大正规平台网站. We look forward to greeting you when you arrive in Wolverhampton and have prepared this information so that you are able to arrive and enrol safely.

By now you should have applied for your visa and we hope that your application will be successful.

When your visa is granted you should receive a letter confirming this along with your passport and other supporting documents. 当你去英国旅行时,把信和护照放在一起是很重要的.

您的护照将包含一个有效期为30天的签证贴纸(小插图). 你必须在这30天内前往英国,并且必须领取你的实际签证, which will be a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) that will cover the duration of your course, when you are inside the UK. Your letter should confirm that you will be able to collect your BRP from a Post Office close to the University when you have arrived in the UK, 您需要带着信和护照去领取BRP.

Right to Study check

All students at the University of Wolverhampton are required to have a Right to Study (RTS) check before the start of their studies. A right to study check is completed prior to enrolment and at the start of every new stage of a student’s programme. You will need to demonstrate to us that you have the right to study in the UK by sending us your immigration permission. 在向十大网赌正规网址提供文件时,请确保以下事项:

  • 文件可以是扫描或照片, 但请确保它们是清楚的, 全文可见, and it is in colour.
  • 请在发送文件时附上你的学号. 这将使十大网赌正规网址能够更快地更新您的记录.

Overseas students

If you are an Overseas student you will usually need to provide the following prior to your enrolment being completed:


  • The vignette inside your passport which should be stamped with the date you arrived in the UK
  • 生物识别居留许可(BRP)正面
  • The back of your BRP

您可以在网上报名时上传这些文件,或通过电子邮件发送至 RTS@darama4u.com

EU Settlement Scheme

If you have received EU Settled or Pre-Settled status, the evidence you need to provide will be:

  • 您护照的照片页
  • Your EU share code

您可以生成您的共享代码 here. The University will then check your right to study by checking your status using your share code.

您将需要通过电子邮件提供这些文件 RTS@darama4u.com

Other visa categories

如果你有其他签证类别的离开, or are a UK national, 请把这个(护照)证明寄来, visa, decision letter) to RTS@darama4u.com and we will advise.


如果您有任何问题或担忧,请澳门十大正规平台网站 RTS@darama4u.com and we will provide support



当你到达大学时,你将被要求 complete your enrolment by the deadline date given in e:Vision. 这包括上传一份您的 passport and visa to your record through e:Vision and showing the original documents to a member of staff to verify. 你也可能被要求出示你的 最初的资格证书.

Contact details

You must keep your contact details in e:Vision up to date at all times, even if you have not secured accommodation when you first arrive and have to move to a few different locations. 十大网赌正规网址希望你保持现有的邮寄地址, 任何时候的电子邮件地址和电话/手机号码.

Police registration 

It will be clearly stated on your visa or supporting letter if you are required to register with the police. You must do this 抵达英国后7天内.  更多信息可在 海外游客登记 webpages or talk to International Student Support in MX Student Centre if you need any help with the process.

In September, 西米德兰兹郡警方将前往城市校园,帮助你完成注册. You must book an appointment in advance to do this so please talk to the International Student Support team in MX Student Centre if you need to do this. 在合适的时间预约是很重要的, and you must attend on time. If you are unable to attend for any reason please inform the police as early as possible so your appointment can be rescheduled. If you need help booking or changing an appointment please see the International Student Support team in MX Student Centre.


Your letter confirming your visa details will contain information on where you must go to collect your BRP. 这里应该是十大网赌正规网址的邮政总局. 你可以在这里找到这个邮局的指南.

If you are under 18 you will need a responsible adult to travel to the Post Office with you to collect your BRP. 或者,学校可以代你领取BRP.

You must collect your BRP within 10 days of arrival in the UK and before your entry clearance expires.

Please find information about travelling to the University of Wolverhampton on our webpages here.

如果你来自海外, there are direct trains from Birmingham International Airport to Wolverhampton railway station, 或者从伦敦的尤斯顿出发,如果你选择去伦敦的某个机场的话.

Nationals from AustraliaCanadaJapanNew ZealandSingaporeSouth Korea and the United States of America can now use an eGate for entry at the UK border.

However, 来自这些国家的学生不能使用gate, as they must see a Border Force officer to receive the correct immigration stamp in their passport, 哪些学校允许学生学习. If you are from one of these countries please follow signs for ‘See an officer’ to get your passport stamped. You should make sure the stamp says Short Term Study or Short Term Student before you leave the desk.

When you arrive at the University of Wolverhampton we will check your passport to confirm your permission to study. If you have not been given the correct entry stamp you will be required to leave the UK and return through the border again so you can be issued with the correct permission.

如果您的护照上已经有签证标签,您可以使用登机口, 但是你必须保留你进入英国的日期证明和你的护照, 因为你可能需要证明你进入大学的日期, 未来的房东和其他权威人士. 可接受的证据可能是你的航班信息的副本, 显示您到达日期的登机牌或预订确认书.

如果您在旅行前有任何关于盖茨的问题,请发邮件给我 visa-enquiries@darama4u.com

If you have booked university accommodation you should receive an email from the Accommodation Services Team with details of when you can move in and how to collect your key. If you choose to travel to the UK before your accommodation contract begins you will need to arrange alternative accommodation until the contract start date. 有关大学住宿的更多信息,请参阅 Accommodation Services webpages.

如果你持有的签证是 another sponsor,您必须预约十大网赌正规网址的签证 & Immigration Support Officer and you must receive a University of Wolverhampton CAS number before you can enrol.

You will be expected to apply for a new visa to study at Wolverhampton so must show the Visa & 移民支持官,您符合签证申请要求.

如果你没有申请转换签证,或者你的新学生路线申请被拒绝, 你可能无法继续在澳门十大正规平台网站的学习.  关于签证变更的更多信息可以在下面找到 Home Office webpages

When you travel to the UK you should have the documents you used to apply for the visa with you, plus your passport, 哪一个应该有30天的旅行许可证在里面, and the letter which confirms where you need to go to pick up your Biometric Residence Pemit (BRP). You also need to make sure you bring a copy of your CAS statement with you (this can be printed from your e:Vision account).

You must travel to the UK before your 30 day travel permit expires and before the latest start date for your course.

You must 也要在规定的截止日期前报名 如果你不及时到达,你将不能开始课程 你的签证将被缩减(取消),这意味着你将需要离开英国. 

If you are concerned about the date when you will be arriving in the UK please contact us before you travel.